M & M annouces the addition of our newest piece of technology -
The CNC Trumpf 3030 Laser!
Our Newest Addition in State of the Art Technology

The Trumpf 3030 laser is a univeral tool for cutting, micro-welding, marking, and drilling, all without contact and free of wear. The 3030 laser provides high flexibility, processing speed, quality and process simplification.

The Trumpf 3030 laser provides most any contour to be cut without changing tools! With a high level flexibility the laser is perfect for small batch sizes, variants and prototype building.

Give all your projects the advantage of our laser cutters with a unparalleled mix of speed, versatility and precision, equipped with rapid changeover and setup features along with the compatiblity of advanced automation. Operating on the principle of "flying optics", our lasers cutting head moves while the workpiece stays stationary to ensure maximum performance.

Call us today to discuss your project and how this new technology will save you valuable time and money while delivering the highest quality results.

Laser Cutting Samples (Click to enlarge)

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