M & M annouces the addition of our newest piece of technology -
The CNC Trumpf 3030 Laser!
Featured Jobs - Custom Ventilation Systems

We also have designed, fabricated and installed ventilation equipment in buildings for different companies. Such as one we designed gives a complete air change every 20 minutes. This one has (2) filtered air inlet fans with motorized dampers and inlet hood. These filters are aluminum constructed and washable.

The exhaust fans have motorized dampers and also there are (2) "ductsox" that are cable suspended.We design, fabricate and install ductwork from existing cooler blower inlet to the roof to allow outside air to be introduced into the cooling system to the molding machines. This is done by connecting the present blower utilizing a flange connection and running ductwork out and away from the blower into an elbow, then installed a stub section, connected to another elbow which was directed onto the roof that was covered with bird screen.


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